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***  Attention Utah Attorneys --  Become a UJF.org Featured Attorney!  ***


The Utah Justice Foundation appreciates your interest in our Featured Attorney Program. This program is designed to assist criminal defendants to receive counsel and/or representation from attorneys that are well experienced (specialized) in a given attorney practice area.

Please note that the Utah Justice Foundation seeks to help criminal defendants receive fair and balanced Justice for their particular circumstances and case! We are interested in working with attorneys that treat each of their clients as an individual, and always with courtesy and respect. You may review our complete Mission Statement at the link in the left column.

In the column to the right, you will find a sample Featured Attorney listing that would, upon approval, appear about you on a UJF.org Attorney Practice Area page. You may choose to use an approved logo rather than a photo if you wish. Click the link to see a sample BIO & Contact Info page - we will work with you, the Featured Attorney, to create this personalized web page, or you may choose to use a BIO & Contact page on your existing website upon review and approval. Again, we seek to match experienced & capable attorneys with criminal defendants throughout Utah.

Featured Attorneys will also be so designated on the Attorney Needed page and on the Members & Friends page. Please call the Director of the Utah Justice Foundation at 1-855-700-1190 if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

The Judicial Districts Map to the right may assist you as you list up to three Counties in which you practice law in the Criminal Practice Area(s) you choose to list. The twenty UJF.org Criminal Practice Areas are listed to the left for your convenience. Upon subsequent approval you may be listed in more than three Counties and three Criminal Practice areas.

Lastly, you may include an attachment with any additional information or comments, if you wish. Then, simply click on the Send Email button and we will get back with you.

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