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The Utah Justice Foundation has a MISSION to inform, to educate, and to seek Justice for ALL involved with the criminal justice system in the state of Utah.

We seek to help criminal defendants receive fair and balanced Justice for their particular circumstances and case! We seek long-term solutions for each defendant, while being mindful of the interests of victims and society.


The Utah Justice Foundation provides the following general information with regard to the role of the Certified Paralegal (CP) or Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) in the criminal justice system in the state of Utah. We recommend watching the brief video (less than 2 minutes) below, What can Paralegals Do?

Generally, the fees for paralegals will be hourly for time spent and a fixed amount for certain "standard services" which the paralegal knows he or she can complete within a given time. Hint: this may also be a good indicator that the paralegal has more experience in th particular area since there is a comfort level in charging a "fixed fee" for the particular work. Regardless, you may be able to negotiate a "flat fee" for the services to be provided such that you can put an upper limit on the charges.

A written fee agreement is recommended just to be certain that both sides understand and confirm the extent of the services to be provided and for how much. Be certain that the paralegal is required to give the client a written report (could be a pleading or hearing request form) as well as any research, tape recordings, or other materials generated as part of his or her work for the client. Another problem area can be mileage charges as they can add up quickly - making or breaking the deal for both paralegal and client. The best solution is to be certain that this topic is covered specifically in the written fee agreement, and if the client is to be charged for "travel time" it should be at a lower hourly rate.

A quick note of possible interest - the Utah Justice Foundation can help defendants locate a Paralegal who can assist UJF Clients at their DMV Per Se Administrative Hearing for a very reasonable flat fee. An attorney is not required for assistance at these DMV Hearings, and an experienced Paralegal can be helpful in getting the best possible result at the hearing IF the higher cost for an attorney is out of reach. Please contact Mr. Elwell below for more information.

For more detailed information or to hire a Certified Paralegal (CP) or Certified Legal Assistant (CLA), we suggest that you contact one of the following:

  • David A. Elwell, J.D. (not a Utah attorney) - highly skilled at research, legal writing, strategy development, interviewing witnesses, and in finding the right expert(s) - toll free number is 855-700-1190.

  • The Legal Assistant's Association of Utah (LAAU) is a great source of information and is active in policy making as well as guidance of CP and CLA members.

  • The Paralegal Division of the Utah State Bar, is a great source, and it is located at the Utah Law & Justice Center, 645 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.

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What can Paralegals Do?

Less than 2 minutes.