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The Utah Justice Foundation has a mission to inform, to educate, and to seek Justice for ALL involved with the criminal justice system in the state of Utah.

We seek to help criminal defendants receive fair and balanced Justice for their particular circumstances and case! We seek long-term solutions for each defendant, while being mindful of the interests of victims and society.

The objective is for each and every defendant to exit the criminal justice system permanently - without repeating offences - thereby achieving long-term benefits for the defendant, for law enforcement, for the courts, and for society and the citizens of Utah!


Defendant D.H. (purchase/possession of dangerous weapon) is now living in Las Vegas and working at a Country Club for golfers. His mother called the Director of the Utah Justice Foundation after his case was dismissed in February 2009 to say thank you for supplying the name of the attorney office that represented her son so well. (March 2009)

    The Utah Justice Foundation is pleased to report that D.H., previously in trouble with law on a recurring basis, has not re-offended since before the date of this particular bogus charge in February 2008. (March 2009)

Defendant S.S. (possession of controlled substance) called the Director of the Utah Justice Foundation after her sentencing by the Court to report, "I got probation, no jail. Thank you for everything you did ... I felt you were in my corner and it made such a difference ... Thank you!" (May 2008)

    The Utah Justice Foundation is pleased to report that S.S., a life-long majiuana user, has not used since the date of the incident in January 2008. (August 2008)

Defendant L.H. (burglary & theft charges) called the Utah Justice Foundation immediately upon release from jail (served 26 days after 365 A.P.& P. recommendation) and left this message, "... Thank you for all your help and your kindness. I really appreciate doing business with you." (June 2008)

    The Utah Justice Foundation is pleased to report that L.H. is doing well as a journeyman electrician, and complying with his probation requirements! (June 2008)

Defendants B.C. & S.S. (simple assault - dv - charges) gave the Director of the Utah Justice Foundation a picture of this couple with these words on the backside, "[We] love you! [We'll] never forget you! S. & B. [phone number ommitted]" (April 2008)

    The Utah Justice Foundation is pleased to report that B. & S. are doing well as a couple and have enjoyed some camping and fishing together this Summer! (August 2008)

Friends of the Utah Justice Foundation are immediately available to provide treatment, education and recovery related services with regard to ANGER and related behavioral issues. They can be of assistance in treatment or education as to the CAUSE of the problem, and to help you or someone you care about find a long-term solution to and RECOVERY from the unacceptable (criminal) behavior. Here's the information you will need:

AJ NOVICK Group - Offers anger management classes online or via home study materials - See the short video in column to right - Register Online and use Offer Code X5FM-282 for a discount.
Phone: 949-715-2694

CHANGES Counseling & Consultation, LLC - Out-patient Counseling, Therapy and Treatment Services - English & Spanish - Anger Management Classes, Drug & Alcohol Therapy, Prime for Life, Domestic Violence Conseling, Criminal Thinking Errors Classes, Cognitive Restructuring, Marital Counseling, Individual & Group Counseling & Therapy - Ask for Chris and mention the Utah Justice Foundation for a discount on an Assessment or Evaluation.
Phone: 801-542-7060

BIRCHCREEK Associates, LLC - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Assessments, Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy, other Treatment Services, and More - Ask for Layne Meacham and mention the Utah Justice Foundation for immediate assistance.
Phone: 801-428-7209


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